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Applications for consular services can be submitted by courier or in-person at the Embassy.

For both options, prior to submission, all applications are to be sent by email for verification.

In-person applications drop-off: every Thursday 10am -12pm

Collection and return of documents: every Friday 10am - 12pm

For courier returns, please provide a prepaid self-addressed envelope.

Processing time: 3 to 7 working days from the reception of all required documents.

For consular services pre-application and enquiries:

Email: (please quote "CONSULAR_[Your Name]")

Phone: +44 2070528277 (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm) 



Consular registration of Malagasy living outside Madagascar is recommended for people of 18+ residing for more than 6 months in one of the Embassy's countries of jurisdiction. Consular registration is free of charge and valid for 3 years.
Required documents:

- Completed consulat registration form (form downloadable here)

- Copy of passport or national ID

- Proof of address

Consular registration can be processed via email. 




Applications for the renewal of Malagasy passports issued after 2014 are processed through the Embassy or the Ministry of Public Security in Madagascar.

When processed through the Embassy, the procedure is as follows:
1. A scanned version of the application and all supporting documents are to be submitted by the applicant to the Embassy. The Embassy will then forward it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for transmission to the Ministry of Public Security for approval. Find out the required documents here.

2. Once approved the hardcopy of  the application and all supporting documents should be sent by the applicant (by DHL, or other means) to someone in Madagascar who will deposit them at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will be in charge of their transmission to the Ministry of Public Security;

3. When the renewed passport is ready for collection at the Ministry of Public Security, anyone with the appropriate letter of authorisation from the applicant and legalised by the Embassy can collect it.  

Download the application form here.

Applicants are advised to renew their passports three (03) months before the end of their validity due to the processing time and the shipping time of the passports.

Enrollment for new passports and the enrollment of newborns are currently processed either by the Ministry of Public Security in Madagascar or by the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris. Please refer to the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris' website for details. 

Applicants can also renew their passports with the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris on their new digital platform.


  • Transcription of Birth, Marriage, Death Records

  • Transcription of final divorce judgements

  • Marriage at the Embassy

  • Life certificate and proof of residence.


A "Laisser-Passer" is issued on a case-by-case basis on a strictly exceptional basis

when the applicant cannot use its passport to return to Madagascar.

Get your application form here.

Find out what documents are needed, for the 21+ and for the -21.


You may get in touch with the Embassy for other services such as:

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